Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Well here we are again another Wednesday and WOYWW and another chance to go and have a nosey around other crafters desk around the world. If you'd like to join in then click on WOYWW button at bottom of my blog. Pop along and find out what it's all about.

It's frightening how quickly Christmas is hurtling towards us. I love Christmas but am so far behind with preparations due to this 'cough' an update later in case you've only time to look at my desk.
Have been trying to make a few cards this week. Am never going to do them all so I hope to be well enough to go and buy some next week. :-(  Also been trying to make a birthday card and a wedding card.
Not terribly exciting really various bits and pieces I've been using

Well here it is my desk aka dining table - more space - I was trying out an idea - used brayer for sky and then stamped tree and that's as far as I got :(

Spread out onto sideboard - part of card for my friend - saw idea somewhere - wedding card - though now finished I didn't use the white banner bit or the circle sentiment- also coloured in bride and groom' s hair. Will take photo of finished card later. I saw the image elsewhere - printed it off as remembered I'd got the stamp - didn't use it in same way though. Another wreath card - slightly different to other one. Again it was one I did at workshop - not my design.

Wanted something simple I could do quickly so stamped tree and added some liquid pearls and glitter - a lot less work than the first one with the brayered sky. ( Now moved to kitchen table :-) )

Back to sideboard and my mum's card and some card/paper cut ready for another set and to right a birthday card in the making.

A beautiful bouquet from my dear friend to cheer me up s I have been poorly.

It was a lovely sunny morning. Can you see the small photograph on the right that's me on my wedding day and that was my dad giving me a kiss before I went into church. Oh dad wish you were still here.

A close up of the blooms aren't they lovely.

Well went back to GP today. Still crackling in them thar lungs. I think she 's a bit perplexed about what's going on to be honest. She has given me stronger antibiotics think that's in case it's not bronchiolitis which is viral but an infection. I do feel better but not right and I am getting very ed up at not being able to get on with everything.
Well enough for now. Off to link up with Julia and go and have a look at other desks. Take care my friends. Anne x


  1. Poor you, feeling so poorly - it really has got a hold of you this time, hasn't it? I only hope the stronger meds work their magic for you...
    Your flowers are beautiful as is the pic of you and your dad. I wish my mum were still here as well :(
    Hugs, LLJ #30 xx

  2. Christmas will still come Anne whether you race round doing lots before then or not so concentrate on getting well so at least you are able to enjoy the day.
    A x #42

  3. You've managed to do quite a bit this week. I do hope those stronger antibiotics work. Take care x

  4. Goodness, this lung thing is holding on, isn't it? I hope the docs can get you fixed back up. Take care of your lungs!
    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Beautiful flowers Anne...hope you are feeling better soon. Thanks for sharing your "desk" & projects!
    Hugs, Renee #103

  6. lots going on here take care of yourself!!!

  7. Hi Anne

    Thanks for calling by :) I did grin at this post - think you need a little unicycle so you can craft whilst moving from place to place quickly. Love the brayering - super result there girl. Keep warm and I hope things improve for you healthwise - those flowers are fabulous, how thoughtful! Hugs, Di xx

  8. Hi Anne,

    I hope your treatments are helping. It may take a while to fully recover. The flowers are amazing - what a lovely photo of you and your dad.

    I absolutely love the Christmas card. The little snowflakes on the tree are so beautiful!

    Thanks for visiting me already. I'm slowly getting around to everyone.

    Kay #100

  9. What beautiful flowers, hope you feel better soon.
    Carolyn #82

  10. Anne, I am so glad you have been to the Dr. and are getting treated. Last winter I had asthmatic bronchitis which seemed to last forever [but didn't :)] I am praying that you continue to heal rapidly and that you are able to enjoy the pause in busyness your body needs to heal. The cards you are making are lovely as are the flowers you were given. xx from Gracie

  11. All these bugs seem to be of industrial strength this year, and requiring serious attack to remove them. Hope you soon feel much better. Still, you seem to be getting plenty of crafting done. That red really pops out, love to see that when it is ready. xx Maggie #62


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