Sunday, 11 November 2012

'We will remember them'

Hello today is  Rememberance Sunday in the UK.  It was also a beautiful day weatherwise here in my 'neck of the woods' as they say :-)

We decided to walk to church for the service as it was so beautiful .
We heard the parade approaching - a band followed by local scouts,brownies etc. There used to be representatives of British Legion and the forces but for some reason that has changed. I caught a quick photograph or two

I was disappointed with my photos but my camera is just an ordinary one and I should have waited a little longer before I took the photo - but you get the idea - I hope.

Below the scouts etc peeling off taking up their places around the war memorial, my sons used to be part of this group.

The memorial above

Inside the church waiting for everyone to come inside after the ceremony outside and the two minutes silence. I also remembered as I sat there standing at the white archway 41 years ago when I married my sweetheart.

Before leaving I lit a candle to remember my dad and my brother who died aged ten years old after being knocked over and all those who gave their lives.

Remember as well going through this doorway on the arm of my dear dad and coming back out on the arm of my dear husband. That doorway is no longer used you can see below to the right of the picture the modern extension to the church and brides enter and leave through that entrance ( as my son and DIl did)

Someone looking at the poppy wreaths - I remember walkking up this pathway in my wedding gown on my dad's arm and then back again as a wife - surrounded by family and friends, smiles and confetti.

I got married at this church, I was confirmed there, my sons were christened there, they were members of the choir and the church school - St Margaret's- they too were confirmed there. My youngest son was married there and my granddaughters christened there and now my eldest GD goes to the same school her daddy and uncle went to. My dad's funeral service also took place here, sadly two months before my son's wedding.

I took the above to show the colour of the sky it was so beautiful through the last of the autumn leaves.

 At last we are nearly home - my road - unmade and very bumpy but I love it.

So many memories today , sad and happy. It has been a lovely day despite the sadness also present.

Hope you have all had a happy wekend and have some hapy memories. Anne x


  1. Wow, Anne.. you did a wonderful post of all your memories and showing the parade and the wonderful gorgeous fabulous church! Thanks!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing your photos and some of your memories - a beautiful looking Church on a gorgeous sunny day.


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