Wednesday, 3 October 2012


These Wednesday come round faster and faster. I was determined to get on a bit earlier than last Wednesday - well couldn't have been much later last week. My desk is a mess really as I've not touched it since last Thursday as have been away in Holmfirth visiting my eldest son and family ( they moved there in August) We didn't arrive home until Monday evening and then I was at Sugarcraft yesterday morning and shopping yesterday afternoon.
Anyway here's my desk!
Left side a card I made at class and was using layout for another card you can see to right. Not quite finished yet! The pink box was made ages ago but my granddaughters popped by yesterday and as always want to look at my desk etc. Phoebe had to look inside and then open it :-)

Right hand side a box of paper you can also see 4 of the latest new In Colour ink pads from Stampin'Up! I also received the new Ornament Keepsake bundle but only had time for a quick try on the scrap paper you can see by the card.

If you would like to join in with this very addictive hop rom desk to desk around the world then click on the button at bottom of my blog and find out what it's all about! I will be popping to visit other desks later.

For those of you who have time here's what else I've been up to. As I said earlier have been away but that didn't stop me knitting. At the moment amongst other things I am knitting a cot blanket as part of knitting my knitting group are doing to send to Africa. I need 36 squares and have to admit that I will be glad to finish this item. I find it a bit boring but am going to finish it.

Yesterday at Sugarcraft we were finishing off gelatine flowers. Mine are not as brill as some but when finished completely will be quite pretty I think and I am going to use as decorations on Christmas presents.

Well I think I'd better get linked up to the lovely Julia's and then get cracking. I need to finish unpacking, tidy up and - oh yes I have two cakes to decorate for Ella and Phoebe's joint party on Saturday! Also have the family from Holmfirth here on Sat evening for the night as they are coming to the party.

See you all later. x


  1. H Anne. I have to say I really love knitting little blankets....I have a really super pattern I use [it's like an old friend now cos I've made so many.] Love your flowers too.
    A x #2

  2. Hi Anne I love the gelatine flowers. I remember you used to be able to get kits to do these when I was a teenager (not too long ago ;-)) It was about the time you could buy kits to make resin paperweights and could get rhinestone and stud setters to vamp up your jeans! Your flowers will look fab on top of Christmas parcels. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 65

  3. What a gorgeous crafty post. Those gelatine flowers are amazing - never heard of them before. x Jo

  4. The flowers are fun, they almost appear to glow! Your pile of knitting, can't wait to see the finished project, such sweet colors there.

    #101 this week

  5. You are busy and having a lot of family time.. good for you! I look forward to seeing the cake and hopefully some photos of the party. I'll be back in a week... ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Your flowers are lovely. Good luck with the cakes. We love homemade sponge.

  7. I think those flowers are gorgeous and I love the tones you chose for the blanket. You really have been a busy bee.Thanks for dropping by ...I shall post the recipe on Friday, xx#38

  8. Gel flowers are awesome! I've never seen anything like that, very cool!
    Angie #91

  9. WOW lots of awesome things on your desk! Don't you just love the new stampin up incolors! I think the flowers are awesome so clear and colorful! Have a great week. Vickie #22

  10. Oh, I'#m a girl like Phoebe - if I saw that pretty pink box, i'd want to see what's inside as well!!
    Those gelatine flowers are amazing! I'm surprised they would keep as long as Christmas, but they obviously clever are they??
    Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

  11. You're always so busy Anne! But I suppose that's a good way to be!
    Loving the flowers - I saw how to make them once (although I've never tried it) and it looks like a lot of fun!
    I hope you get your squares finished soon!

    Happy WOYWW

  12. Lookin good :) Love having a peek into the spaces of fellow crafter's! If you happen to peek in on my blog, be sure to wear a hard hat! LOL!


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