Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I know we all say it but these Wednesdays are coming around so fast. I seem to be hurtling towards Christmas at an alarming rate. I have a Christmas workshop at the Community Centre amongst other things to prepare for and have not made a single christmas card to send yet.
To my desk- it's not that long that I reorganised my craft area. I moved it from one end of bedroom to other and said never again!!!! Well decided to remove majority of my stuff into dining room. It is only used on high days and holidays as when we are on our own DH and I use kitchen - have large pine table in kitchen. So my desk is probably going onto ebay - will be a bit sad as had it for years. Was only from Ikea but used when I used to teach and since for card making. Anyway this is how it looks this morning

Hope to show you my new work area next week. If you want to have a look at other desks around the globe click on button at bottom of my blog and join in.

I think last week I mentioned doing cakes for my granddaughters joint birthday party. Well here they are. I was very pleased with these and could have got several orders from other mums but don't think they would have liked how much I would charge. :-) I don't think photos are the best.

The castle was based on one in  a Debbie Brown book and the other inspired from one I saw on interenet.

After the party we went to our younger son's house for an early dinner. Ella and Sam had great fun playing with their cousins Harry and Sam including put lipstick on the boys. Harry who is 7 definitely got in touch with his feminine side.

Harry - above found all the girl's hair accessories and enjoyed playing with them he also had fun styling the hair of my little ponies that the girls had. He said he's not going to be a footballer now when he grows  up but a hairdresser. :-)

Sam with hie lippy on any posing in a very pink chair :-)

For dinner we had a lovely tomato,cucumber and balsamic vinegar salad

and a carrot salad

with delish lasagne

garlic slices

and individual apple crumbles with custard. Sarah was disappointed with these as they didn't turn out of the tins well but they were scrumptious.

Well I'm off to link up with Julia and will be back later to have a look at other desks. Anne x


  1. Wow Anne those cakes look stunning and so does all that yummy food. A good time was had by all it appears.
    A x #68

  2. Looks like you did a fantastic job with the cakes. I know around here they are selling them anywhere from $60 on up. Love all the pictures of the yummy food and Harry with the hair clips...well be interesting to hear what he says in 10 years. Chances are a hairdresser makes more money then the ball player since so many never make it to the money levels! Have a great week. Vickie #41

  3. Gorgeous cakes - clever you!! AND all that yummy food - my tummy is rumbling and its only mid morning!!! x Jo

  4. Wow! What a delicious post... tummy rumbling, even though it's not lunchtime yet!! Your cakes look absolutely amazing, I'm not surprised you've got orders rolling in. And I hope you have fun creating your new workspace, to soften the blow of saying goodbye to your trusty desk. Happy WOYWW and have a great week!
    Alison x

  5. Those cakes look fantastic - they must have taken ages to decorate. All the food is making me feel hungry now!
    Bernice #5

  6. I always start off enjoying my craft space and then get really fed up and wish I'd never started! Lovely family celebration and tasty looking food - I'm really hungry now!! XX

  7. Where to start ....those cake are fantastic put your love into them ...I wonder how much you would charge for that!.The meal looks yummy ...lasagne in its many variations,is a real fav of mine.
    I do wonder what the photo of Harry will be worth, in good behaviour when he is a teen.You will only need to suggest that his mates might like to see it. lol xx70...thanks for dropping by

  8. Haopy moving, we've moved craft area once from one side of the bear bedroom to the other. Love your castle cake by the way, it looks extremely mouthwaterng.

  9. I so love to see boys enjoying playing with stuff like that - who says they have to be tough all the time?
    And your cakes are amazing!! I'm not surprised you were approached to make some others :)
    Good luck with selling your desk, that's going to be a wrench, parting with something so sentimental!
    Hugs, LLJ #50 xx

  10. Sorry I was more interested in the food dishes than yr desk coz I was drooling over the tomato and cucumber salad.
    Thanks for stopping by.


  11. I'm going to have to ask Julia to make a rule no more food pictures on WOYWW! I get so hungry on Wednesdays now! It all looks so good, especially the garlic slices as I have a weakness for those. I keep thinking I want to rearrange my craft room-which is my living room with all the usual living room stuff minus a TV (that's in the den) but then I realize just how much work that is so I can relate on the moving moratorium. Can't wait to see the new space though!

  12. Fun post, Anne, and now I'm famished! Your cakes are super cool!! Have a great week! Darnell #28

  13. Wonderful cakes Anne. And all the other food looks so yummy too.

    I agree with Vickie - Harry probably has better prospects of fame and fortune as a hairdresser.

    Di xx

  14. Hope you get sorted soon. Moving things around always seems to take an age but feels good when it's done. Those cakes are truly amazing and it is no wonder you got admiring looks/comments. Have a great week. Hugs, Buttons #82

  15. Oh my those cakes are incredible - really, really fabulous! I wish I hadn't stopped by as I'm going to have to get something to eat as all those photos are too inviting! You are a bad influence! Happy WOYWW #42

  16. Enjoyed your post and the comments above, Ann :) Your cake decorating is amazing!
    I am looking forward to seeing you new craft space. xx from Gracie also looking forward to your trip to this side of the pond!!!

  17. Jane, you are really a talented cake decorator! I got a kick out of seeing the boys playing with the girl stuff... :-) The dinner looks delish too. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  18. The cakes do look beautiful! Its funny how someone will ask you to perform your craft services and when you quote them a price they turn up their noses. This is real work don't they know? The cuc and tomato salad looks yum. Glad you had tons of fun with the family, until next time!Tamika #14


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