Sunday, 2 September 2012


I am trying to add things to my blog and change things around but unfortunately I don't have enough knowledge to do it as I would like. I always think my blog looks so simplistic compared with others! I don't like to keep asking DS the younger who knows all there is to know so keep plodding onwards and downwards - I'm certainly not going upwards. Anyway I'm fed up of trying at the moment so am going to show you some cards - oh goodness I don't really think they are as fab as some I see in Blogland!!!
Any which way here we go.

The first three are fab because they were designed by the lovely Gail who took cardmaking class on Saturday. She really is so talented and I loved these cards we made.

This one is for my dear friend who semi retired a while back but retired for good last Tuesday. It's just a little card to wish her well we are hoping to do something together soon to celebrate her retirement and our joint 60th birthdays (which were actually last year )
PS I based it on one that the very talented Julie from Julies Japes made.

A card for my nephew Michael who a year after leaving Uni with his degree he has finally got a job he wants. He has been working at a bank for a year whilst trying to find what he really wants. Congratulations Michael and we wish you every success.

The folowing is for my granddaughter Ella who starts school next week. She has been at the nursery that is part of the school so insists she is already at 'big school' so that's why I put reception!!! She was very complimentary about the card which did my ego good although I didn't like the colour the bag was after I put Glossy Accents over it.

 A simple Thank You card based on one I saw.

A card for my Son and DIL for their Wedding Anniversary. I was inspired by one I saw - it may have been Mandy from card class.

I made this ages ago and didn't use it. A lady in my knitting group has just become a grandparent for the first time and I sent it to her.

This is for a friends birthday and again I think inspired by Julie.

Below the one I made for my grandsons as they start a new school next week. This was inspired by one I saw on the internet but can't remember where. If you recognise it please let me now and I will link to you.

Well I think that's it for now. Hope you liked looking at my efforts. Anne x


  1. Wow, you've really been busy! I love all your cards - the xmas wreath ones especially delight me!! I make my cards each xmas so I'm impressed with yours.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. A gorgeous selection of cards Anne, I love the new school ones!

    It can be frustrating trying to sort out your blog, I would suggest creating a new blog for practicing on - make sure no-one else can see it though!


  3. Beautiful cards, Anne! I especially like the wreathes and the ones with bunting :)
    After following a tutorial on how to create blog headers, I made a test blog for myself as the tutorial and now Sheena has suggested...that way I can hide some of my agony :)
    But I still think this blogging thing is fun even if perplexing from time to time.
    xxx from Gracie

  4. Thankyou Grace - I still think blogging is fun as well :-)


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