Sunday, 12 August 2012


from my little op( was only in the day unit, though nearly ended up overnight)  last Wednesday! I'd scheduled WOYWW last Wednesday and had intended to link to Julia's blog early evening thinking I'd be ok but after a general anaesthetic and what I'd had done my body decided differently. :-)

My son and family are visiting from Leeds and it has been lovely seeing both my sons and their families together especially the children playing. They have all gone out together today but I decided to stay at home and have a rest. Last night they gave me a lovely bouquet wishing me a speedy recovery.

Hope you all having a lovely weekend!!!!


  1. Hi Anne, Glad to hear that you are recovering. How nice to have both your sons and their families come visit -- and smart of you to stay home and have a quiet rest while they all go out.

    The bouquet is lovely.

    I'm celebrating my one year anniversary and will be announcing candy on Wednesday.


  2. Am wishing you a speedy recovery, Anne!
    Gracie xxx


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