Sunday, 15 July 2012

A great concert

last night. My Aunt who is nearly 87 wanted to go to a concert aat The Symphony Hall in Birmingham but it ws at night and her usual companion doesn't like going out at night. I looked at the programme which was entitled Last of the Summer Proms and realised that I would quite enjoy it. My Aunt and I don't tend to like the same music! |She has been known to refuse to eat at restaurants if they are playing popular music.
Anyway off we went last night. And have to say it was brilliant !! The progamme was full of great classics that I recognised - William Tell Overture, Blue  Danube Waltz, Swan Lake Finale etc etc. The conductor was lots of fun. In the interval there were complimentary drinks of Pimms or orange juice. Auntie doesn't drink - the whisky in her tea doesn't count :-) and so I said there's orange juice Auntie. Oh no she said I'll have Pimms. The second half saw us waving our flags to Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia.
There was a wonderful soprano and Tenor and also a violinist who was just brilliant - he is only 29 and can he play. And here he is, his name is Thomas Gould and I was mesmerized by his playing.

Auntie and I had a great time and it was good to make someone's wish come true. Hope you all had a great weekend. Anne x


  1. Hi Anne, sorry I haven't commented lately, but each time I came to your blog the same thing was at the top and I was confused.. this time I scrolled down and found the new post! Missed you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Sorry about the confusion Teresa. Have to say I'm unsure myself about that 'ad' at top of my blog- not sure I will do it like that again. Anne x

  2. Delightful, Anne! I enjoyed your telling of the concert with Auntie
    [and you succeeded in getting me to lol :)] Glad you both had a good time!
    Gracie <3

  3. Sounds a wonderful evening Anne - I bet your Auntie was thrilled to little bits. Di xx

  4. Thankyou all for your sweet comments. Anne x


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