Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Another Wednesday has arrived which means it's time to show you my rather messy desk this week and for me to go and have a nose at other desks around the world, and be full of awe at the talent out there.

The only crafting I've done since last week has been knitting - for 'Fish and Chip' babies and the two cards I made at the workshop. These are not my designs but the lovely Gail's who ran this week's class! If you want to see other desks - a lot more interesting than mine is then click on WOYWW button at bottom of my blog and join in the fun!!!

Above the outside view of card from the class (not my design) I didn't get round to putting on the 21 on the front and some hinges and a key - will put it on again when completed.

The inside- a few bits to add on yet.

The second card from class  completed but a few errors - can you spot them?

The inside of second card.

On the right hand side of my desk. There are a pile of papers, bits from magazines I want to keep etc waiting to be put away. There's one of my boxes of ribbons a few bits of ribbon and a carrier bag that did have a lot of ribbon in waiting to go away. Nearly finished putting ribbon back - just need to think of some way to use up the little bits that are left as I hate throwing anything away.

Happy WOYWW see you soon. Anne x


  1. It is hard to toss the little pieces isn't it? I should learn more about making cards..#100

  2. Fab cards Anne - oh and I have just spotted our Sisters Crafty Creations link - thanks lots. I am going to put a few brooches in the shop this week. x Jo

  3. Fab cards Anne. I think we have all got little bits of ribbon and trims left overs that we keep 'just in case' :-)
    A x #53

  4. Great cards Anne, loving the little flowers on the pink one. And I can't spot any errors on the second one, love the colour scheme of that! I hate throwing anything away too especially my beloved ribbon :o) x April #86

  5. The cards look lovely to me, maybe the stamping is a bit light at the bottom? I am with you on keeping bits from magazines, hope you look at your occasionally, I just seem to forget mine - lol. Happy WOYWW,
    Anne #9

  6. Nice cards - not sure where the 'errors' are though. Keep your bits - I had a massive clear out a few weeks ago - you have no idea how many 'bits' I have needed since then that I no longer have!

  7. Sorry Anne not sure if I added my number #137 no worries though if you don't get round

  8. Beautiful cards Anne, even if you didn't design them they're still too pretty not to show. Great folding technique too.

    Brenda 110

  9. Hi Anne, always fun to see your pretty cards and your neat and orderly desk! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Now Anne, I can not see anything wrong with your lovely card! Oh and the cake you descibed making in your comment to me sounded delish. I really like lemon curd! <3

  11. Such a pretty card - you've been busy! Take care & enjoy WOYWW, am a little late but am working my way through the list when I feel up to it. Zo xx 66

  12. Beautiful cards, just gorgeous... Hugs May x x x#26

  13. Hey Anne, am very late this week! what pretty cards, your class card designer is a dab hand with the die shapes isn't she, and no, I couldn't spot the mistakes!

  14. hi everyone and many thanks for all the lovely comments. Am hoping to visit you all even though I will be very late oing so. Anne x

  15. Beautiful cards and good to see you still knitting for the babies, the world needs more people like you.

    Eliza #19

  16. I can't see anything wrong, and even if I could, it's not for me to point out cos we all put so much effort in!

    I am intrigued though - you're not the first to mention "fish & chip" babies, but no-one has yet explained what they are.... ? Help???

    Morti #28


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