Wednesday, 9 May 2012


I find it quite scary how quickly these Wednesdays come around!!!! There are just not enough hours in the day for me, there are so many things I need to do, want to do and I just can't fit it all in. Yesterday was a good day. I went to Sugarcraft in the morning and was making orchids - photos when all finished. In the afternoon we looked after our eldest GD as usual - she is very entertaining- she couldn't stop laughing at one point and said 'Have I got a wicked laugh? ' she is only four !!! Love her so much as I do all my grandchildren they are adorable!!!
Today it has rained for the most part. Had comfort food for dinner- I am never going to be thinner- I despair.
Anyway enough of that here is the desk ( and you don't know what I am on about ( and many say they don't ) click on button at bottom of my blog.

There has not been a lot of activity since last week as I was away again at the weekend - see previous post. I managed to make three very simple thankyou cards this afternoon.

You can see drawers at side plus one under magazine these hold some of my stamps. Some ribbon from Stampin Up! bits of card and paper that needs putting away. White bag has some glitter paper for a project I am working on. Black bag has some of my tools.

Other side coloured basket has all sorts of bits and pieces waitng for a more permanent home. A bow maker, sticky stuff, ink pads, baby wipes and my spotty caddy.

Here's one of the cards I made. Other two are the same.

It's a bit bright but you an get the idea. Patterned paper, coloured card and ribbon are all Stamin' Up! I really must make a better note of what I use- I'm hopeless at remembering what colours and patterns I've

Am off to try and visit a few more desks than usual. Happy WOYWW and thanks for looking. Anne x


  1. lovely card anne, happy woyww, happy crafting Jill #52

  2. Oh my - bust but oh so neat and tidy!! Come here NOW and help to sort my pickle out - signed, the messy pup XX aka Di xx

  3. Thanks for calling by on me tonight. You can email Dawn at to get the address to post your fish and chip jumpers to. Hope that helps.
    A x

  4. Hi Anne, I am so glad there is someone else out there who forgets the note the things they put on their cards. Your crafty space is super tidy! Thanks for your visit. Anne #2

  5. A lovely neat and tidy work desk with lots of lovely crafty goodies to have fun with! I love your card, its really gorgeous :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a lovely week. Karen #49

  6. Love the card Anne! very summery! and lets face it we need some of that at the moment :o) x

  7. It all looks fab! Great card. Take care & enjoy snooping this WOYWW. Zo xx 73

  8. Your desk always looks so neat and clean Jacqui #101

  9. Hard to keep track of different names of paper, etc. when you have collected so much as most of us. Lovely card. Thans for sharing. #147

  10. Lovely card and impressively tidy work space! (:

  11. I enjoyed my visit and peek, thank you! And thanks for sharing the cute thank you card! Have a great week! Darnell 160

  12. yep...always buzzes by too quickly for me as well.... but, you have been busy in spite of that it seems...

    going backwards on the blogs this week to see some I never see....those first 50 are usually the same 50 ....hahhaha... must be the time zones in which they live...

  13. So neat & tidy... love your cards... glad to hear you had some fun with your lovely GD.. Have a happy week Hugs May x x x#31

  14. I wish my "office" was so tidy. Pretty card!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. Thankyou all for the lovely comments. Anne x

  16. lovely space and card.


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