Monday, 7 May 2012

I have had a lovely time away visiting my friend who lives in Witney in Oxfordshire. We set off on Friday after lunch. Thankfully the weather was lovely. After leaving the motorway we travelled through stow on the wold and Burford.
Judy (my friend) and I have been friends since we were 7years old. She arrived at school one day and the teacher put her next to me. Although her parents moved from Birmingham (where we me) to Oxford we wrote to each other and met again when we were 15. Since then we have met many times over the years. Judy is now more a member of our family . She was at my wedding(she never married) and all major events in our family and us in hers. We have now been friends for 54 years!!! At our 50th Anniversary we went away for a couple of days to celebrate, went to a spa and lots of lovely relaxing treatments etc.

We were unable to get together for Christmas  and even though we arrraned two dates just afterwards the weather put paid to our plans.
We finally got to exchange christmas presents and to celebrate Judy's semi retirement at the end of March. On Sunday we had  'Christmas lunch' . My DH took the one and only photo of us together and I don't like it very much so am not going to post it- sorry. Have found a few pictures of Witney, Stow and Burford - such a beautiful part of the country. Hope you have all had a lovely holiday weekend. Anne x

Witney High Streeet

Three above are of Burford



  1. Oxfordshire is such a beautiful county and I am also really fortunate to live almost on Cotswold's doorstep ;). Sounds like you had a lovely time!

  2. What beautiful photos. It's great that you and your childhood friend have reconnected. That is always fun.



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