Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Can you believe it's Wednesday again - I know we all say it every week but it's so scary how these weeks are flashing by.
I am sorry I didn't make many desks again last week but went off to Leeds again!!! I will however try and visit everyone who came to see my desk last week and try and get to some of the others.
I hadn't had chance to do much in way of cards but did manage some knitting on way to and back from Leeds.
This morning I went to much needed visit to hairdresser this morning for colour and cut plus blow dry. This afternoon I made some cards yayyyyy!!!!
Any way my desk as it was this morning before I started properly on cards this afternoon. Oh yes and if you are wondering why I'm showing you my desk and what is this WOYWW all about click on the button at bottom of my blog to take you to the lovely Julia's the architect of this wonderful event and visit desks worldwide.


Can you see Pippin. A few years ago now one of the children I'd taught gave me this 'Andrex Puppy' when they left. My granddaughter loves it. She's named her Pippin and when she gets to our house on Mon,Tues afternoon she gets little bowls to feed it. On Mon I had to sit at my desk and play teachers- she left the 'dog' there for all the children to look at. It was still thee this morning. In the box are a few wooden stamps I bought when I first started stamping.

At the left there is a card that was sent to me by my Stampin Up mummy ( I'm still getting my head around it all) the other card is one I am making for my nephew's birthday next week. My grey promarkers are in the case you can see, all the others are in the pots at the back!!My Stampin Up ink pads and my spotty holder.

Below are some photos of the view from our front door. The blossom has been beautiful and I love sitting in the lounge looking out at the trees, I can kid myself I live in a wood in the country :-) There was a break in the weather and so I took a photograph as I fear it will all be gone soon.

As you can see above we live on an unmade road- it's looked like a creek today with all the rain.

And finally my new hairdo- I'm a bit camera shy. The book I'm holding is very funny . My DIL gave it to my husband to read- thought he'd appreciate it!!!
I think the darker hair colour is slighly 'redder' than the photo shows. I am very pleased with it as it's a change for me and they say a change is as good as a rest.

I'll be back soon with some cards. Anne x


  1. Your desk is terribly, wonderfully neat. Loved the views from your front door. Have a wonderful Wednesday. I pretty much said the same thing...the weeks are whizzing by! #183 this week. :)

  2. What a lovely work space Anne. Now we have seen your hair, please show us your face. LOL. Hugs Rita xx 67

  3. Oh my! You make me feel very guilty!! Lovely tidy desk and a very lovely tidy garden too! I was the gardener, but since my op that went wrong about 5-6 years ago (which got me t=into crafting) the gardens looking a bit of a jungle!! Have a lovely crafty week ! Happy WOYWW! somewhere near #100+ (very late this morning!)

  4. Like the peek at your desk before and after but I love the pic of your new hair. The color is awesome and so natural looking you should quit hiding behind a book! Love the flower pics too! Have a great week and thanks for commenting on my blog! Vickie #41

  5. You've been up in our neck of the woods. It's been a bit soggy today though!!
    What a lovely post. Your desk is looking very organised. Pippin is keeping it in good order.
    Your trees are stunning. I'd never get anything done looking at them and love your new hair do.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #74

  6. Love Pippin overseeing your desk with all it's interest. Glorious blossom. - (Hazel #173) x

  7. Love the new hair cut. Don't be are amongst friends here :-)
    A x

  8. Ahh Pippin is cute! Your desk is looking nice and busy! Your blossoming trees look lovely, all of this rain is just horrid at the moment, so miserable! Lovely hair dooooo! I imagine it looks even better with a face :o) x

  9. I LOVE your hair!! In fact, I've just had mine done and it's very similar colours. I was once a vibrant redhead but it's faded as I've got older :(
    And those shrubs and rhododendrons are gorgeous - what a lovely view you have!
    Hugs, LLJ #33 xx

  10. Now Anne, you hair is lovely..and so not what I thought it was going to be like....although I can't tell you what I was expecting tbh!! Your garden is gorgeous...the blossom looks beautiful huh, hope it hasn't all been prematurely knocked off by the rain.
    Are you a Stamping Up Demo now? Did I miss that? Love the stuff - and you have an impressive collection of their ink pads...nice! Makes me smile to think that your GD wants to play teachers, busman's holiday!

    1. hi Julia thanks for visiting. I have become a Stampin Up Demo but am taking it very slowly. Not done my first demo yet but am supposed to be doing workshop at local Community Ass but it's not till end of June. Have a few other things in pipeline so we will see. The starter kit was worth having anyway so have lost nothing. I need to put some info on my blog - just need to work out how to do what i want to put on :-) Anne x

  11. Oh my goodness you have some wonderfully flowery shrubs there.. what all are they? I adore your hair, but would love to see your face too. By what I can see you are adorable! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Hi Teresa thnks for visiting. Sadly I'm not sure of all the names- we didn't put them in they were here when we moved here. There are two star magnolias, the tree across the road may be some sort of flowering cherry, the tree at back of car is an Acer of some description. There used to be two Copper Beech trees but they were damaging drains and had to come out. Such a shame- house is named Copper Beeches- hence my blog name. Anne x

  12. Great crafty space and a guard dog to boot. Love the hairdo. Hugs, amanda #133

  13. wow such an interesting desk love all the projects you have on the go
    sorry I am late I am catching up with all the people I didn't get chance to visit on wednesday x
    vicky #104

  14. Beautiful blooms and hairstyle, Anne, and Pippin is charming. <3


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