Monday, 2 April 2012

A wonderful weekend

it started with a visit to the craftbarn to cardmaking class. I took cream cakes for everyone - it was my birthday on Sunday yes I am an April 1st baby. I received some lovely handmade cards and presents from the ladies. We made four cards- this week they were designed by the lovely Mandy. Although there were four cards one of them has not photographed well so have left it off.

Below is the outside and then inside of second card.

Third card - outside and then inside.

Two of my presents from the ladies were gift tokens and though the above photo is not very good it gives you the idea of what they are like - metal hearts with amount they are worth stamped on the back and they are presented in the gauze bag you can see - cute hey.

On Saturday aftenoon we met both my sons and their families at a ten pin bowling alley. The children had un bowling and then playing in the area. My eldest son and family came back to our house for dinner and to stay the night ready for my birthday the next day.

On Sunday morning DS, D'D.I.L. and grandsons came into our room and sat on the bed while I opened their cards and presents to me. Lovely cards, some White Company shower hel and hand and nail cream plus some money for some crafting goodies. Oh I also had some flowers some more white lillies.I had lots of cards to open and quite a few pressies as well. Later my younger son and family arrived with cards, presents, and a lovely chocolate cake filled with fresh cream and strawberries that my DIL had made - I forgot to take a pic. Then my sis,her son,husband and her grandson came. She had come to collect the sugar flower decoration I'd made for her MIL's cake. They brought me a lovely plant (we don't exchange birthday presents unless it's a milestone one. It all felt very festive.
After my sis and family left we went out to lunch and afterwards the children played in a playground area at the pub we went to. It was a beautiful day weatherwise. We then went home for coffee and cake!!!
The children played in the garden and as it started to get colder they went in and watched a DVD while my DIl and I got tea ready.
It was then time for them to go home - boo. Matthew,Carolynn and the boys hed to go back up to Leeds -they got home about 9 o clock but the boys are now on their Easter break so no school today.
DH and I then sat down and relived the day over a glass of wine - it was very quiet.

Above the lillies- still have to open and below the plant from my sister - a beautiful colour.

I had a wonderful birthday weekend hope you all had a lovely one as well. Anne x


  1. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* -- wow, you must be very loved by your family to have them come and spoil you so much. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Happy Birthday, Anne!!! I am so glad you had a wonderful weekend celebration and shared it with me/us. <3

  3. Hi Anne I really appreciated your visit to me on my first blog and am now returning the visit! I'm glad you had a lovely birthday...blessing upom blessing! I would like to join your members so that I can keep in touch but cannot see where. Am I dreaming or missing it?
    Anyway, all the best. Joan


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