Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I'm back

from Somerset. I went last Thursday with DH to spend Easter with my mum. She is a lot better but I think she is pretending to be better than she is. I am afraid that she will not fully return to the person she was before. I hatd leaving today but had to come home at some point. My brother and his wife have gone down today until Thursday. One of my sister's lives down there. We took her to Lyme Regis for a little walk on Sundaay afternoon which she said she enjoyed.
I will hopefully be back tomorrow with WOYWW and more. Anne x


  1. Sorry to hear that your Mum has been I'll. Good that you have managed to go for a long visit. I'm sure your Mum appreciated your time spent together Hugs Mrs A

  2. Welcome back, Anne! I hope that your mum continues to gain strength and that your days are happy ones. <3


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