Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Wednesday again and my life since last Wednesday has been has hectic as usual. Last Thursday I went to knitting group in the morning and then in the afternoon we went off to Leeds for my eldest son's birthday celebrations. (Will show you cake at end of post)
My desk didn't change from how I'd left it last Wednesday - but is different from the week before!!!! I've had so much on and so little time but have managed some cards along the way. All the Spring swap cards have been received now so will show you them at the end.
So why I am I showing pictures of my desk you ask? If you go to end of my blog and click on the WOYWW button you can find the answer. Go on give it a go!!

As you can see I didn't have time to put anything away last week before going away for the weekend. In the background is a card I started for someones birthday - it is based on one I saw in Stampin Up catalogue.

Below other side of my desk. The bright pink card is the one my GD made yesterday. It's for her mummy for Mother's Day. She chose her colours and punched out flowers and was very adamant about where she wanted to stick them. There are also little leaves on there and a lot stickles. I have a lot less glue left as well. :-)
 Everything else on the desk was left there last week.

Thanks for looking.

Now the cards for the Spring Swap

All the same really it was easier to do them that way.

Finally my son's cake. I could not quite get the model of the runner right- but I'd been working on it for quite a while then and I still had loads of other things to do.

My son takes part in Triathlons so he swims, then cycles and finally does a run- hence theme of cake.

It was yummy though even though I say it myself.
Right I'm off to have a nosey at some other folks desks. Anne x


  1. Wow Anne, that cake looks amazing.
    A x

  2. Your spring cards may have similar design, but are each so unique in color and pattern choices I like them all and have trouble picking a favorite; and your son's cake is so cleverly decorated, I am certain he especially appreciated your efforts! I do! Your GD's card I know will be treasured. I have a confession, Anne. My desk is a rolltop which I keep closed due to organized chaos inside. I'm planning to go to a women's retreat this weekend at a nearby beach and then head down to northern CA to visit family and friends next week. I might try to blog enroute just for fun to see if I can do it. Blessings to you and yours. <3

  3. Hi Anne oooo lots of yummy craft stuff on your desk. Your cards are fab and look great in all the colours. Love the cake
    Anne-marie no 17

  4. I love the cake! I always used to make the cakes for my girls, they had some weird ones! Swimming pools, Mr Men, Monsters, Postman Pat, castles!!
    Cats, treasure chests! Love the cards too, not EVER made so many the same but different unless you count wedding cards..and they were quite plain. Desk look well organised...mine is still a mess!
    Happy WOYWW"

  5. wow, you made the cake? fabulous job! waving hi from the chilly hills of North Carolina :)

  6. Love your adorable card and I think your cake is BRILLIANT!! I actually have my work desk on my blog now.. but it's on my lap.. lol! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Yet another brilliant cake Anne!! Bet your son was impressed with that! the Spring cards are all lovely. Your GD's card is great, she's obviousley following in your crafty footsteps x

  8. Gorgeous stickles collection, lovely cards and brilliant cake!

  9. Fabulous desk, Stickles heaven!!! that cake is amazing, and your spring cards are delightful, Have a good week, Hugs May x x x x

  10. Such pretty spring cards, and that cake looks amazing! Take care & enjoy this week's WOYWW, it's now Friday & I'm still snooping! Zo xx 60

  11. Hi Anne, that cake is just amazing,bet he was thrilled to bits with it!! wonderful cards, isn't it amazing how different they look unchanged colours.
    My email is :
    Sorry you've had trouble with the's outlook, touting for business!!!

    1. Hi Julia thanks for the reply. Asked my son about it (he who knows all there is to kno about such things. Muttered something about doing something - so still none the wiser but guess he will sort it at some point. Wonder if I am getting too old for all this sort of thing!!!! Anne x

  12. Hello Anne ... no, you are not a million miles from me! Small world, eh?!?!? I LoVeD my Vagabond which was an early Christmas pressie from hubby as I wanted to use it to make my Christmas cards and I did just that. Then I got it out in the New Year to start the birthday cards for this year and had all that trouble with it so I am slowly having to regain my confidence in it. BUT having said that I love what it does and hope to put it to good use to justify the cost. I'd say if you want a die cutting machine and don't already have a Big shot or similar then go for it! I love your little tweety-bird cards by the way! Love Debbie xXx


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