Friday, 30 March 2012

It's the weekend again

they do seem to come round very quickly - wasn't like that when I was at work !!!! Today I have been finishing chores and getting the house ready for the weekend - a special weekend. My eldest son and family are arriving tomorrow for the weekend. On Sunday we are going out for lunch with both sons and their families am so excited.
As I won't see either of them at Easter I decided to make sure I had some of my Easter decorations in place.

This weeks flower selection was Lillies - though they are very strong smelling and thought I'd have to put them into the dining room.

A few decorations on the mantelpiece ( well it's an oak beam actually) .

Ooooppps this crept in here. It's the decoration I have made for my sis for her MIL's cake. If you are a good maker of sugarpaste flowers you will know that these are not brilliant but I hope my sis will like them. That's not the cake by the way just a polystyrene dummy.  

Ran out of branches to put these decorative eggs on so popped them in this bowl of pot pourri. 

Another 'Easter Tree' that also has some hearts on - the hearts are always on these branhes.

Two candles - they are little sheep.

My grandchildren made all these little creatures last Easter I think.

A metal chicken, a rabbit with a basket ( have to put some little eggs in there and a carrot also needs to be filled with eggs.
Have you got any Easter decorations? See you soon. Anne x


  1. Your flowers that you made are brilliant!! Love your Easter decs! I think you've seen mine on my blog.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. It is such fun visiting you! Thanks for sharing, Anne. I enjoy admiring your Easter decorations, and am especially fond of your sheep and the creatures your Grands created. I must disagree a bit with you, though . . . I think your sugarcraft flowers are beautifully brilliant! <3

  3. Those sugar flowers are lovely Anne! love all your Easter decorations. Hope your Mum is recovering well x

  4. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful decorations and your photos with us all, and also thanks for popping in this week. I am glad to report that the bees have diminished and that Flash is much better. Have a good week. xx Maggie #7


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