Monday, 19 March 2012

Hope you all had a lovely

Mothering Sunday. I went to Somerset to spend it with Mum. Left here on Thursday afternoon after knitting group in the morning. It was lovely to get away for a few days, last weeek in particular was hard going. Yesterday we went to Taunton Rugby Club for lunch. I don't usually go out on Mothering Sunday as a few years ago we had a bad experience with double booking, waiting ages and then inferior food. But was pleasantly surprised. It was a carvery and everything was beautifully cooked , hot and plenty of choice. Also delicious desserts to choose from. Also very reasonably priced. So thanks to my sis and her partner for booking it. My niece and her boyfriend came along as well.
Afterwards we went to see my niece's new house - it's her first house of her own. It had a sea view!! From there we went and had a walk along the seafront at Sidmouth.

A few photos

My niece, sister's partner and Lady ( the dog)

Same again !!

Mum and DH looking out to sea.

Just a shot along the prom- it was a beautiful day.

My niece and Lady.

A lovely weekend. Hope you all enjoyed yours whatever you did.

Gosh forgot my sons and families sent me lovely cards. I had a gorgeous bracelet from Matt and family and a voucher for a relaxing evening at a hotel nearby with dinner and breakfast the next morning. Anne x


  1. Hi Anne, you were well spoiled on Mother's Day! That seaside place looks divine..and how lucky that your niece has a sea view on her first place! Loved your photos. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Thankyou for your sweet comments Teresa. Anne x


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