Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Sad to have missed visiting you all last week but sometimes there are just not enough hours are there?
So since my last visit what have I been up to? Hmmmm how much can I remember lol.
I've had two classes, and was preparing things for a Craft Fair. The weather that day was awful and not many people visited. I made a little and had a couple of orders. Glad though that I didn't go overboard with what I made.
Had a lovely evening with a group of friends celebrating the 70th birthday of one of them. She loves entertaining and held a dinner party, doing all the work herself. It was all lovely and delicious.

The weekend just gone was spent visiting our eldest son and family in Yorkshire. We should have gone at beginning of March for Matthew's birthday but it was the weekend of 'The Beast from the East ' so we couldn't go of course. It was lovely seeing them and Sunday was a glorious day. I was up early and went with our son to take youngest grandson to play in a football match. It was their first since before Christmas - the holidays and weather has caused havoc. Sam ( grandson) said ' I will score a goal for you Grandma'. He got the first one and then three more.

Beautiful sky and views on the way home.

Sam is in the middle facing the lad in opposing team. 

 DH went with D.I.L. and eldest grandson to his match. His team also won!!! On the Saturday we spent a very chilled day in and then went out for an Indian meal on the evening. A wonderful weekend with more lovely memories made.

So to my desk. I am going to have a go at a Card and a Cuppa at the local Community Centre, after Easter and so have been working on 'poster' to advertise it. I've also been putting the finishing touches to cards for a swap.
So here's the mess I've made creating this week so far

Also a partly finished Easter card there.
Below a mini pizza box I decorated, it contains some small Lindt Easter bunnies that I am sending to mum. She won't eat much chocolate :-(

 Made 11 of cards below for a swap.

Above the finished treats for the Craft Fair

Below the card and a gift box for my friend who was 70, we are also taking her out for Afternoon Tea after Easter.

Mum is in a lovely Care Home and is ok. I have not seen the Home or Mum since she was in hospital. Hoping to visit her soon. Talking on the telephone is difficult as she doesn't hear properly. She seems happy and settled so that is all I can wish for really.

Sorry for the long post and lots of photos - I will visit as many as I can. Probably be later on as I have a medical appointment .

Happy Easter everyone.


  1. I'm glad to hear that your Mum is in a safe and nice place, I'm sure that gives you a nice sense of peace. I'm happy to hear you got to spend a nice weekend with your son and his family. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Sorry your craft fair didn’t go as well as hoped....shame these things rely so heavily on the weather. Your makes are really lovely. Well done to your boys with their football successes. Hope you have a good week.
    Annie x

  3. Hi Anne, glad to hear that your mum seems settled. Sorry the craft fair was a bit of a wash out; love all your treat boxes. Well done to the grandchildren on their footie prowess; maybe one of them will come and play for Stoke someday lol. Happy WOYWW Sarah #7

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting. It would be brill if they could play for Stoke. My husbands family came from Stoke on Trent, though I think his Uncle and others supported Port Vale. x

  4. You have been busy! Love that your boys scored, it's always so exciting when they do. Good news about your Mom, hope you manage to visit soon.
    Enjoy your week and have a Happy Easter
    Christine #16

  5. Lots of lovely things on your desk this week, those things you made for the craft fair are gorgeous. Isn't it weird how rain keeps people away? I look for indoors things to visit if the weather's not good! I'm so glad that you had a lovely weekend with your family, I've got one of those coming up too.
    Hugs LLJ 9 xxx

  6. Wow those treat bags are fab! Pleased to hear your mother is settled :)
    Have a good day, hope the appointment goes well.
    Ellie #27

  7. Hi Anne, so many lovely things to look at. Nice to hear you had such a lovely weekend. I see and hear many people bemoaning the fact that craft shows are not doing so well these days, I think too many people seem to want nice handmade things for pennies! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #8 XxX

  8. Great sky. Such cute projects. Glad to hear your mom is happy in her new place.
    April #21

  9. Hello Anne, such a shame the craft fair didn't do so well. Hopefully you'll have better weather and attendance for the next one. It's so nice to hear your mum is happily settled now - that must be a weight of your mind. Your grandson must think you are wonderful to go watch him play football and didn't he do well too. Your cards and treat boxes are lovely - I particularly like the little bunnies. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #28

  10. great to hear about your Mum, and that you got to get away in the end! shame the craft fair wasn't so successful, better luck next time. Helen #1

  11. I wouldn't know where to start for a craft fair or how much to take so I admire anyone that does it - I want to eventually or an Illustration fair. One day - I'll get brave.

    Lovely that you managed to visit your family and all your makes are beautiful especially those little animal boxes.

    Have a lovely week,

    Carmen x #26

  12. Wow Anne you have been busy and what gorgeous cards. Pleased to hear your mum is doing well. Have a great belated woyww and happy crafty Easter, Angela x19x

  13. WOW! You have been busy! It is always difficult deciding what and how much for a craft fair! I need to get going and go see my son and his family this month...I have put the car in the shop to be checked over so hopefully it will be shipshape for the 10 hr drive! Glad to hear your Mom is settled in and all lis going well. Hope you are having a great week! ...I am late getting around as usual! Vickie #39


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