Tuesday, 27 February 2018


Hello all. Thank you for all the lovely comments last week.

I did manage a little crafting since last week but it has been busy and then the unexpected.

So to my desk

So my work area this week.I was searching for something - the card was one I did ages ago and then didn't send. I'd written inside and so I took the front off and put it on a new card base.

I was looking for papers to make this card. It was called a Pyramid Maze Card, and is a series of different sized cards and can hold photos etc a card album if you will.

Hopefully show you it completed next time.
Please join in WOYWW here at  Julia's I will be popping by as many desks as possible.

and the rest ........
My son is a little better and managed to go into work - he can't drive but DH took him yesterday and a friend today. Thank you for all the good wishes , I'm sure they helped.

Me ..... I've had a haircut, too short :-( but hey ho it will grow!  On Saturday I went to the Hippodrome in B'ham to see the ballet Sleeping Beautiful it was wonderful. Absolutely everything about it was superb. I went with two friends. We had a light lunch beforehand, then afterwards we had dinner at an Italian Restaurant before returning home - all very special

And then - I mentioned Mum last week. The short story ----- Last Wed she moved into a new Care Home as I said. Unfortunately she became poorly. She was admitted to hospital on Sun morning, she had a nasty pneumonia , we were told she was very ill and might not pull through. My brother and I went down to Somerset. She had picked up when we got there and incredibly made good progress. They have said she might be able to go back to the care home in two days. I cannot believe how she has recovered. They have now moved her from the Acute Medical Ward to a respiratory ward. She is of course very frail and the Consultant has said she has has done well, they have got her through it  ' until the next time' :-( I returned home this evening. Feel very tired but am pleased I saw her - she was pleased to see us all. There continues to be other issues but they are more difficult to resolve. :-(
Back soon.


  1. Oh your poor mum! I'm so sorry to hear of her current illness. It's so hard for the adult children when these times come. Hang in there.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Oh bless you. What a week you’ve had. Such a worrying time for all. Really hope your mum continues to improve and then settles into her new care home. Sending you big hugs.
    Annie x #10

  3. Oh Anne, you do go through the wars with illness around you. Glad your son is managing to go to work even though driving is not an option yet, but your poor mum. I am so sorry to hear that she has been so very ill, it must have been an awful drive for you when you went to see her, worrying about how ill she was. Glad she perked up a bit when you got there.
    I do hope that she is well enough to return to the care home and that she improves with the care they give her.
    Thinking of you.
    Hugs, Neet 5 xx
    ps the pyramid card has me confused so cannot wait to see it next week.

  4. Oh Anne what a week for you! Glad to hear that your mum is improving; hope she is able to leave hospital soon. Keep warm. Sarah #15

    1. Hi Sarah and thank you. Did pop by your blog. x

  5. All this emotional upheaval takes its toll, so you take good care of yourself, lovely gal. Your mum is in good hands and I hope will settle in the home now. Thank goodness for lovely days like going to the theatre with your mates, I love the ballet too!
    Hugs LLJ 14 xxx

  6. Wow, your Mum is amazing isn't she. So sorry for you, it's so so difficult. Meanwhile you distract yourself with really complicated cards! It looks great and it reminds me again about my impatience!

  7. Morning Anne. Well, what a week! Sorry your mum has been so poorly - and you had such a speedy drive down to Somerset - those "may not make it" phone calls aren't nice, are they? I had a couple of those with John - difficult decisions have to be taken speedily - never good! I trust things will improve for her - and for yourselves as you deal with everything. Take care of yourself in all this - I was thrilled to read you got out with friends and had such a good time - it's like refreshment to the soul, isn't it?
    You take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  8. Morning Anne, sorry to hear about your mum being unwell, but good she's rallied. Such a worry for you. I love the look of your leaf card and the pyramid maze card looks very interesting! I also run classes and always on the lookout for something challenging for my ladies to do. Happy WOYWW Cindy #19

  9. Hi Anne, you do have so many trials with your poor Mums health. Good to hear she is recovering well. Love that card, what an awesome idea! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #3 XxX

  10. Oh Dear! You have been going through it! Hope everything is resolved soon! Hugs, Chrisx 23

  11. What an anxiety provoking week. Creating such interesting cards I like that concept and will try to remember to check back next week.
    Monica # 27

  12. Hi Anne, I'm so pleased your mum had picked up a bit when you got there, and I hope she is able to go back to the care home. Never nice being in hospital. Your pyramid card looks interesting but I know I would not have the patience. Have a lovely week Heather #31

  13. I love desk discoveries ! and repurposing card fronts.
    Robyn 4

  14. Love the piramid card,take care,Vicky#6

  15. Great that we can reuse card tops, lovely maze card. Thanks for visiting BJ#8

  16. Oh your poor mum what an awful time you are all having - best wishes for a good recovery so that she can enjoy her new "home". So glad you have time for a bit of crafty activity. xx Jo

  17. Sounds like a week of trials and tribulations for you! Sorry to hear your Mom was so ill. I hope she does well! Love the card book you are making! Looks like a lot of work and finagling to get things just so. Have a great week! Vickie #32

  18. Love the leaf card. So glad to hear your Mom is feeling better.
    April #22


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