Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Hello deskers. Here we are again, another Wednesday, oh my but they do come round very quickly. Thank you for all the lovely , generous comments last week. Sarah  B I do always visit your blog, sorry I can't comment.
So let me see what have I been up to since last Wednesday. I am still on a mission to declutter everywhere!!! Am getting there slowly. Last Thursday DH and I visited Ikea and I purchased another set of drawers to further organise my cardstock- I think I rather over ordered - there is a lot!!! I have also been reorganising other storage in a bid to try and find things more easily and use the storage more effectively. I have done a little crafting but really need to do a lot more - soon!
On Saturday our granddaughters came for a 'sleepover' Their mummy and daddy were going out but their plans changed. Last week our son was diagnosed with sciatica ( DH has suffered in the past but not to this degree) he has been in absolute agony. Saw GP last Wed but got steadily worse. On Sat morning he was writhing on the floor in pain. My D.I.L. was in tears and didn't know what to do. Anyway she rang 111 and they gave her an appointment. So we collected the girls a little earlier than planned. They said that DS has a bulging disc and prescribed Tramadol. We saw him Sunday, he was still in pain but also spaced out. On Monday said he was stopping the Tramadol made him feel odd. Today he got a physio appointment. Poor thing is also worried about not being at work. Anyway the girls had a fab time, crafting, baking and watching a movie with us. I am saving the details for Friday posting :-)

On Sunday after the girls went home I did very little. Yesterday more sorting out :-) Tuesday ( today) I went for an eye test , not due but have noticed a difference. Sight has deteriorated slightly since last test and I decided to have some new specs, had others ages. have spent a fortune but 'I'm worth it' :-) Also had to go and buy a new iron and a frying pan. So exciting!!!

So on to my desk!!!!

So very tidy and boring. All ready to create :-)

Looking the other way. So tidy. Those bits at the end are sorted and just need putting in appropriate drawers.

my actual desk, it was a washstand a long time ago - genuine one and a friend of my husbands found it, in poor condition and worked on it and made it into a small desk. I saw it and loved it. The gorgeous baby is our eldest grandson, Harry who will be 13 this year!!! Where did those years go?

So if you would like to join in WOYWW then visit the lovely Julia's Blog and find out how. Will visit as many as possible. I might be a tad late as we have the girls again tomorrow!

I know I haven't mentioned Mum for a while. She is still down in Somerset. She is moving to another home tomorrow. She has improved slightly but is still in pain and yesterday was very tired. ( A result of her heart problem ) It is a very difficult situation and I am not sure how things will work out. Sadly the only information we get at the moment is from Mum herself :-( , I hope and pray that the situation will improve before too long.


  1. What tidy crafting spaces this week. Well done you.....now get a pile of white cardstock out and get it messy again creating some of your gorgeous cards. Of course that’s in between providing child care....I know all about that. Really hope your mum settles well into her new care home.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Annie x #12

  2. Hi Anne, thanks for visiting each week. Sorry you can't comment. A couple of people have mentioned that but I'm not sure how to get round the problem. I love your ink storage and the fact that it rotates! Hope your mum settles well into the new home and feels a little brighter soon. Hugs. Sarah #7

  3. Here's hoping your mum will settle into her new home - that'll take the pressure off you a bit. Though you sound as if you've had your hands full with family this week as well, I bet your grandchildren love coming to be crafty with you, so much to play with!
    Hugs LLJ 11 xxx
    PS Did you see Julia's post yesterday? There's a crop in Llandudno in Sept again, woohoo!

  4. The Weds do fly round don't they? Everyone seems to be in a tidy mode - must be Spring around the corner. Hope your son gets some relief soon. Happy Wednesday Cindy #14

  5. That is looking neat and tidy! And I also hope your mom's situation will improve for the better. Have a wonderful week! xoxo Cheetarah #21

  6. Hi Anne, your space looks great! I do hope things improve with your Mum soon. I completely agree with your son, Tramadol, although effective, really does put you on another planet. Glad he has a physio appointment, I do hope they provide him with some help. Sciatica is horrible. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #8 XxX

  7. So sorry to hear of your son's painful back - my DH had sciatica last year, and I know just how helpless your DIL felt. I hope they can fix what's wrong. But I am glad you got to spend some fun time with the Grandkids, and your desk looks SO inviting! Have a great week, Lindart #29

  8. I hope your son's back eases soon, and your mum improves too. I love your space today! Helen #1

  9. Life is just so full of ups and downs isn't it Anne - I do hope your sons pain gets better - it is a real misery for him I am sure. I need to get a bit of sorting done in my room. Every desk I visited today has had a bit of tidying and organising going on!! xx Jo

  10. Oh Anne, I selfishly do hope you get to the crop. I had such a lovely time sat with you last year.
    I do understand though that there is a lot going on in your life. Your poor mum, must be hard her being away from you and now your son! Hope the physio helps - I had it for a few weeks for my back and it did help but in the end the girl left and I was discharged so went to a Chinese doctor for acupuncture - that gave me my life back.
    Will put your son in my prayers alongside your mum.
    Hugs, Neet 9 xx

  11. Hi Anne, hope your son gets his back sorted soon, that does sound very painful. Your desk and table are very neat! I love your collection of inks and stamping pads on the stand! Have a lovely week Heather x #28

  12. Hi Anne, before I forget I noticed you said you couldn't comment at Sarah's blog. You need to use Chrome. Although I don't use it all the time it does allow me to comment on these blogs. All this tidiness1 sure you'll alter that soon. Happy crafty woyww, Angela x16x

  13. Your poor son! That is exactly what Dayle had and he had to have surgery. They had to remove some arthritic bone growth which was compressing his nerves. He's better now. I'm glad you enjoyed time with your little grandchildren. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. Well I'd never call you table boring with that super spotty cloth, it is so happy! BJ#4

  15. Your poor son. I have friends who have had sciatica and it is very painful. I hope they can help him soon. Glad you had fun with the girls.
    April #22

  16. Hi Anne. Finally making it round the desks!!! Sorry to hear how much pain your son is suffering. Sciatica is horrid - John had it some time back, and he was certainly in agony with it. Trusting he starts to feel somewhat better soon. You have certainly been having fun with the grandies... well done. I had a good time with Mr and Mrs D - they are glad to be on their boat again, and have now set off on their travels across England. Teehee - I certainly won't be making ALL those bags myself - we have a great group of folks who each make some. I simply cut them out and make a few!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  17. Hello Anne, great organizing, unfortunately a crafter needs to spent some time on that. Hope your son is feeling better,as a mum it is hard to sbd helpless, even if they are grown up I imagine. It does seem you were able to distract your granddaughters and give them a wonderful time. You made me smile with your laundry, I also have a pile waiting for me.I just noticed the ginea pigs, we have 3 of them, I was just wandering when they run free don t you have pee and poo everywhere? Have a lovely weekend, Vicky#31

  18. What a beautiful and organised craft room! It must be lovely to share it with your grandchildren and they will have wonderful memories of crafting with you. Hope all works out well for your Mum. Annie C #10


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