Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Well another Wednesday has come round so quickly. Cannot believe it is November either!
Thank you for comments left last week and again kind comments re Mum. She is ok, still struggling with painful leg but trying to walk a few steps each day. We are trying to keep her motivated as she says she doesn't feel she can go on. I was due to go down to see her today, but I have been poorly since last week and am still coughing away and as well as not feeling up to going all that way,  am worried about passing something on to her. Going to wait a few days and see how I am.

I was late visiting last week, but hope I visited all who popped by.

So onto desk (photographed Tuesday evening )

A gold teddy :-) I got DH to bring him home - for research purposes of course :-) he was too big for what I wanted - so does that mean I can eat him? :-)
 I wanted teddy to fit in box - big one but not to be , so back to drawing board :-)

A friend of a friend asked for a card for her mum. Said not over fussy and likes browns, cream, taupe - I'm not sure re colours but that was what was wanted. She also asked for that spelling of 'mom', there will be an insert and short message, she said her mum doesn't do soppy :-)

I don't really do Halloween but made some little treat bags for my grandchildren- they all do Halloween :-)

There has been other crafting going on - slowly and I have been messing up a lot - I shouldn't have tried really as I was feeling so poorly but have a lot to get done, swaps for Stampin Up Onstage Event and have a big class coming up with lots of other stuff in between.
I sadly missed out on some fun stuff last week - meeting up with family for day in Cotswolds and an Afternoon Tea on Friday, meal out tonight - oh well better for my waistline :-(  I have been 'confined to barracks'  since last Tuesday :-(

Well that's all for now. Will try and visit a few more this week and on time. Why not pop along to the chief desker and look at some far more interesting desks than mine WOYWW


  1. Gosh, sorry you've been ill.. and good that you did not give it to your elderly mum. Very nice of you to make a pretty card for your friend.

    *H*A*P*P*Y* *H*A*L*L*O*W*E*E*N*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Oh Anne that’s not what I wanted to read when visiting you this week. I really hope you’re feeling much better very soon so you can return to your busy life. Stay warm and rest my friend.
    Annie x #10

  3. Gorgeous card and halloween treat bag. Hope the following week is better for you.
    sandra de

  4. I'm very sorry to hear that you've been poorly but not surprised really, you've been burning the candle at both ends recently what with he travel, your mum, crafting etc etc. So I'm glad that you've had to have enforced rest but sorry that you've been ill. Take care of yourself, lovely gal, we don't want you to go bang. I think that 90th card fulfilled the brief perfectly, it was very elegant - well done you!!
    Take care and get better soon,
    Hugs LLJ 13 xxxxx

  5. Morning Anne. Confined to barracks for a whole week??? Definitely not good, so MOST definitely you can eat the gold teddy now you have done your research! Well done o0n the ribbon card - just peeped. Brilliant. They are fun, aren't they? - fiddly, but fun.
    Trust you soon start to feel much better, and manage to get down to your mum. I know how frustrating it is from when I couldn't get down to see dad.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  6. Hi Anne, hope you are over your illness soon. You are right not to go and see your mum until you're better. Love the trick or treat bag! Happy WOYWW Sarah #23

  7. Oh you poor thing - I hope you are soon feeling fighting fit again. The card you made is beautiful, I love those neutral colours and the simplicity of the colour palette really works for me - I'm certain it will be very much appreciated.
    Hope you have a better week this week,
    Diana x #14

  8. My mom will be 90next year, too, God willing. I like your card!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Rose #31

  9. Hi Anne, I hope you feel better soon, it seems everyone has a cold right now,it's that time of year, I think. Love the makes, and I admit I'm also a fan of the browns colour scheme! Smiled at the teddy, I have some of the Lindt bunnies and reindeer on my shelf, I can't bring myself to eat them, lol. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 XxX

  10. You sound like you've got quite a lot done despite being poorly! Hope you are better soon. I'd eat the bear too... if you don't feel you can, send it my way! Helen #4

  11. Hope you are feeling better soon (and your Mum as well!) Your card is beautiful, I'm sure the recipient will love it! The Halloween Treat bag is also very cute! Thanks for your earlier visit, have a great week! Lindart #36

  12. Hello! Love the halloween card , the pumpkins are fab. I would have eaten the bear by now hehe. Sorry it's late replies, it's my first time and there is quite a few people hehe

    Ellie #35

  13. Hope you feel better soon. It's that time of year - I nearly always get a tickly cough once the heating goes back on. Your 90th card is really lovely. xx Jo

  14. Hope you feel better soon and hope your mum improves. fab makes Take care Zo xx 26

  15. Sorry to hear you're feeling rough at the moment, Anne, and hope you get better soon. I've learnt the lesson the hard way, not to try making anything when I'm feeling poorly because it always goes wrong and takes twice as long and leaves me feeling frustrated and pathetic for not managing to do the simplest things!! The 90th card is lovely, and the little gold teddy adorable!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #5

  16. Gorgeous 90th card, love the colours and YES eat the teddy. BJ#1

  17. I'm late...I hope the extra days mean I find you feeling better Anne. I hate being poorly, its such a waste of time! Eat the bear. Make up for missing a cream tea too, I would be very miffed about that! I like the colours on the birthday card, and dont worry about them - I think you did what she asked!


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