Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Gosh it's number 400, that's amazing isn't it. Surely you know what WOYWW is- no? Well pop along to it's founder the lovely Julia  at The Stamping Ground and find out all about it and join in!

Sadly I didn't manage to join in last week but it was not the best week, I was also very busy as I was getting ready for my class here on Saturday. I had nine ladies come along to play :-) It was great fun - but I was so busy I forgot to take any photos.
 One of the ladies who has been coming since I first started this madness - I mean classes had some great news. She and her husband been trying to have a baby for a long, long time. She has had treatment and I believe  suffered two miscarriages- well she has been undergoing treatment again and told us on Saturday that she is expecting twins. We are thrilled and pray for all to go well.

We made three cards and just added a little decoration to a treat bag with chocolate hearts in. One of the cards was a Valentines Card but could be adapted to use as an Anniversary card.

I have not had time to clear up since as I needed to make one or two other items that needed to be sent out so if you are of a nervous disposition look away now!!!

I have my scraps to the left as I am cutting out a sample of each of the SU colours for a new downline. On the left you can see a note book and covered post it note pad that are a little gift for someone. I still need to finish it.

Above is the display I created to show some of the new SU products.

So that's my desk for WOYWW 400 - I will visit all who visit me, those ending with the same number as  me plus as many others as I can.

Other News

Last week I was due to travel up to Yorkshire with my SU Upline and another lady. A training event but lots of chat and things to make. It was to be an early start - up at five o clock, leave here at 6.15. Unfortunately by five o clock I had not been to sleep at all - felt awful and so had to cancel going.
Monday I was shattered. Managed to sleep on Monday evening but then another terrible night on Tuesday. :-( It made preparing for Saturday a little hard going at times. The house next door was broken into and with things with my mum I do lie awake worrying about it all. I think as well that it is to do with the Fibromyalgia. Ah well just have to soldier on!

Little sausage is gaining weight and although he is still fed via a drip he is being a normal inquisitive little boy :-) which is wonderful!!!

I tried to add a little video of him exploring the kitchen cupboards but it wouldn't work -(
Have a great week everyone, back soon.


  1. I would have loved to have been at your class, and to hear your friend's good news is wonderful and that Little Sausage is active. Prayers that all goes well, and that you can get the rest you need and still care for your mom as needed. I plan to take a blog break and spend time with my sisters this month after the death of my BIL on Monday morning. My tears are for missing him and for celebrating his dearness to me and his family and friends. xx

  2. So sorry to hear you're not sleeping well. You can deal with life challenges so much better if you can sleep. Really hope things improve soon for you.
    Annie x #10

  3. Oh I do hope that you start getting a decent night's sleep. There's nothing worse. Hugs and happy 400th WOYWW Sarah #17

  4. Good looking desk and line of cards today.

    Sorry to read of your sleep issues and hope you can either resolve or get some help with that soon

    Happy 400th WOYWW


  5. I am not at all nervous, you have the kind of desk I love, and this week my eye is drawn to the lovely image of the three children on the wall...dxxx#20

  6. Happy 400th WOYWW. Sorry to hear that you couldn't go on your trip - there have been so many journeys that I haven't been able to cope with, or have gone on and really suffered with sickness/pain. Ali x #5 currently!

  7. looks like you've been very busy, sad to hear you're not sleeping well, and by the way i can't draw either, thx for your visit earlier, vicky

  8. Hi Anne. Happy 400th! Have no fear about your table - you should see - or there again, perhaps you shouldn't - it may frighten you too much!!! I do trust you get a couple of decent nights soon. I have had several recently where I have woken around 3am and not managed to get back to sleep properly, if at all - and they are simply exhausting, aren't they? Sometimes I simply give in and get up! Seems to make me feel much better - if tired!
    Trusting things will sort soon, and you will know how to move forward regarding your mum.
    Thanks for your visit and your lovely comment.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  9. Sounds like there's too much going on for you. Hope things pick up soon. Sending big woyww hugs, Angela x 23

  10. Oh, we've seen much worse desks than that, lol! I do love the colour of that notebook you've done, it'll make a fab gift!
    Thanks for all the friendship over the past few years, Happy400th!
    Hugs, LLJ 7 xxx

  11. Oh I don't think that looks too bad Anne! I really like the notebook cover, pretty choice of colour!

  12. Sorry you had to miss out on your day out due to no sleep it's not fun at all when you can't sleep. hope things improve very soon for you. Love the note bool and post it pad you have made. Tracy #31

  13. I hope this week will find you feeling better.
    I will keep everything crossed for your friend.. having suffered 4 miscarriages of my own.. I know how excited and terrified she must be feeling.

    Happy WOYWW400!
    Erika (26)

  14. What fabulous news for your friend finally falling pregnant & with twins they must be frilled Anne.
    A lovely display of card also.
    Happy 400th woyww Jill #41

  15. shame you had to cancel your trip!
    No SU folder, I used a crafters workshop stencil... have a good week and thanks for visiting. Helen #1

  16. Hi Anne, enjoyed your lovely newsy post but sorry to hear you aren't sleeping well. I have spells like that but know it's arthritis that is the problem. Apparently, it is also well known that we sleep less as we get older. so not much hope there for nights of unbroken sleep! I'm pleased the Little Sausage is active despite the bad start he's had - hope he goes from strength to strength. Love the display you've created. Happy 400th and have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #28

  17. Sounds like you had a successful class! Always nice after so much preparation. Glad little sausage is doing better! So sorry about your lack of sleep - my hubby is going through the same thing dealing with pain, he can't even lie down in bed, he has to sleep (when he can) in his Lazy-boy chair. Hope you catch up on your sleep soon. Happy 400th! Thanks for visiting my blog! Lindart #47

  18. That's a great display of some of the new SU products - I find it difficult to restrain myself every time them bring out a new catalogue! I can empathise with you - I suffer from fibromyalgia as well and I think the tiredness from not being able to sleep is nearly more difficult to cope with than the pain. I can only manage to go to work now one and a half days per week - just as well we can relax by crafting!
    Bernice #15

  19. First of all love to 'little sausage', may he grow and go from strength to strength. I know what it is like to have broken sleep, I have just had two bad nights and am shattered, plus have an upset tummy, feeling sorry for myself.. Hope you are soon feeling better.
    Lovely display of cards.
    Hugs, Neet 10 xx

  20. I'm very glad to hear that little sausage is doing well! Sorry for your loss of sleep.. I have problems with it too and it's awful to have your mind keep working when you want to just SLEEP. Hope you get your rest. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  21. Hi Anne
    Happy 400th WOYWW
    I hope you are feeling better now and able to enjoy seeing Little Sausage. Even though he doesn't appear to want to eat at present, when he sees his family eating meals, he will probably want to get involved, hope so.
    Chris #33

  22. Sorry to hear of your various troubles, Anne. House break ins are terrifying and make everyone feel vulnerable... Thank you for your visit and your kind comments - it's been quite an ordeal and it's going to be a long slow recovery but we'll get there in the end!



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