Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Where oh where do the weeks go? It has flown since last Wednesday. However I have been away visiting Mum in Somerset. We went last Thursday, returned on Sunday. Then had Phoebe - our granddaughter yesterday and today ( afternoons) not complaining :-) It was good to see my mum - it had been a while as I wasn't able to get there because of my knee problem. She seemed better than I expected :-) Also love having Phoebe. Cannot believe it's been nearly a year - well last Sept until July. In September she will be off to full time school - she is youngest of our four grandchildren so an end of an era. New beginnings though and I'm sure we will still be involved.

I have received some more ATC's  and am sending mine out as we speak - my apologies for being so behind. I will be in touch with the lovely ladies who have sent me an ATC to let you know. I will photograph everything for next week. I just haven't been able to do all I thought I could :-( so sorry

On the crafting front I managed to finish all 80 squares for a throw I'm making. It's taken me far too long. I finished them at mum's and while travelling. have managed to sew in ends on 13 of them. Then to join and do border.

My desk (aka dining table) is just a mess and a muddle -
I tried last Wednesday to tidy some things away. It doesn't look that way at the moment. No crafting there though.

You can see my glass mat. Underneath it is a laminated sheet of my granddaughters art work!!! The paper chains were made by my granddaughters - they kept them happy for ages :-) they were going in garden when we had a BBQ a couple of weeks ago and we forgot to put them out. Keeping them for next time. Balloons left from DH's 70th birthday celebrations. I don't like bursting them :-) bonkers aren't I?

The other end of the table. You can see an airmail envelope - from a WOYWWer :-) more next week.

Above is my actual desk - not a space to be had there!!!!

So lots of sorting out for me tomorrow and then I need to decide on cards I am making in next class. Also have cards to make and ATC's to post.
Sorry I've gone on a bit I think.
Don't know what WOYWW is pop along toJulia's Blog and join in the fun!!!
Thank you for all the lovely comments last week. I will visit as many blogs as time allows :-) x


  1. Busy busy busy,,,,as always eh? Crochet is coming along well...love the colours.
    Annie x

  2. Good morning, Anne. Yes, the end of one era, indeed. But the start of another - as you have the privilege of yet more Nativity plays, School events, etc. We now have no Infant (Key stage 1) grandchildren left :-( all are at least Junior (Key stage 2), and by September will have three in secondary school (Key stage 3)!!! How quickly the years go by.
    Fabulous blanket - all those squares. How do you sew them together - or do you crochet them? I'm asking 'cos I have literally hundreds of square(ish) squares and have been crocheting them together quite loosely, then putting borders round. No idea if this is the right thing. All help gratefully received!!
    Have a special week.
    Margaret (no number yet)

  3. busy looking desk with a lot to snoop around and see. I wish my grandbabies lived closer so I could hang out and play with them. Teresa is 5 and Hannah 2.5 and they are expecting a new baby brother in November. Time goes so fast it seems like yesterday Teresa was a mere thought. Love all the projects and your blanket is coming along nicely. Thanks for sharing. Vickie...no number yet

  4. Hi Anne,

    That is one huge collection of crochet squares they all look fantastic, it sounds like you have been run off your feet with visiting and being visited and the grandies. I do hope you take care of yourself too.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  5. You have been one busy lady, the blanket looks lovely.
    Happy crafting, Angela @Felix the Crafty Cat x

  6. Hi Anne - yes you do sound busy so don't worry about ATCs! I love the colour scheme of your crochet it will be lovely. x Jo

  7. I'm impressed with your granny square blanket project! I look forward to seeing it all connected and done. I'm glad to hear that you get to spend a lot of time with your grands.. we have our youngest 2 here 24/7! I'm off to swim with Gracie. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thank you Teresa. I'm looking forward to seeing it all done as well. :-) x

  8. What an amazing set of crochet squares! I am so glad that you found your Mum in good spirits and were able to visit her. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x

  9. Hi Anne wow your crochet squares are lovely you have been busy, I hope your knee easies for you

    vic x

  10. Hi Anne - thanks for visiting today. Glad your Mum was in good form and you've had a good time with Phoebe. I'm sure no-one will mind their ATC being a bit tardy - it just makes the celebrations go on longer! You've certainly been busy on the crafting front, as well as travelling. Have a good week, Chris x

  11. Hi Anna, thanks for visiting my desk and happy WOYWW...we can keep this crazy thing going and pray that our dear Julia is on the mend soon, I've now posted a WOYWW. Wow you've done a fabulous job with the crochet...the ends sewing off is a pain and you are making me think of two crochet rugs I have underway..mmmmm might have to get them out and make an effort to finish. I see my envelope on your desk and glad it arrived safe. Cheers and have fun with the edging hugs RobynO

  12. Hi Anne well wrote a comment last night on mobile and lost it so hope this does better... thought you should gather balloons in bunch and tie them.up high in your crafty corner. .. love the blanket great work. So glad to have grandies too enjoy while they're young Shaz in Oz.x

  13. Fabulous blanket, so much work. It doesn't matter how long it takes to get it finished, it's that you finished it! Hope you have some time to your self this week. Diane @ afocusedjourney.blogspot.com

  14. Oh my, sewing ends in is such a pain isn't it? Thanks for the visit. BJ#??

  15. Thank you for your lovely ATC which arrived safe and sound this morning, quite early for our postie these days. I am glad you have had such a good time with your family. It is almost sad, isn't it when they go off to school. The start of a completely different stage of life for you as well. Hope you have a really good weekend, and we must hope that Julia will soon be well enough to post Mr Linky next week. Meanwhile we shall just have to work round using our own initiative. xx Maggie

  16. I commiserate with the bits of this and that. Personally every time I see too much table top, I just have to start a new project on it. LOL. Your grand kids will remember that you Kept All of the things they made for you. Well done Grandma!
    Keep smiling and creating.

  17. My, you do have a busy and full life....but isn't it great to be able to do it?? Your desk looks rather like mine as well. I'm glad you were able to visit your Mum. I haven't been able to get to mine. I was only told on thurs that I could drive again. I'm glad to hear you've got your sparkle back. People are saying that about me as well. we just don't realise how the pain affects us,do we?? I have been reading blogs....just not commenting. thanks for your encouragement. I love the ATCs by the way! Joan

  18. Hi Anne, thanks so much for your birthday greeting! I failed in keeping it quiet as some people let the cat out of the bag! not bothered about being 70 at all as it's just a number and I feel good and I'm lucky to have my family all well after the little one recovered from her leukaemia. We are well blessed.
    Love your throw, fab colours. I know what you mean about sewing it all together. I crochet wave/ ripple stitch in rows now to avoid that. (See Lucy on Attic24 on my sidebar, she's often doing it).
    Lv Jo x
    BTW just received the leaflet for the Knitting, Stitching & Hobby craft show which is on 11-13th Sept at Even City Manchester. Thought you might be interested.


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