Wednesday, 23 October 2013


I'm very late to the party this week. In fact didn't think I'd make it as I've been so busy and then didn't feel too well this morning. 'What Party? ' you might be asking!!!! Well pop along here Julia's and join in!!!
The table /desk is looking a bit of the mess as I am still in the process of putting stuff away after the workshop I held on Sat. It went well. There were 10 ladies (should have been 12 but two didn't turn up)

The space I usually work on - nearly ready for card making.

below are the ladies at the class. They all said they had a wonderful time and have booked the next one.

Today I had to turn up the curtains you can see - for my mum. She said there's not much to it. The sewing gene passed her by !!!

I moved to kitchen table to do bit more on Lilybo quilt. Must finish it. Please don't look too carefully. I'm not a quilter as you can see but wanted to have a go. Backing on now and have to 'quilt' and make bag. I wish I'd done smaller panels. Though it would be easier this way but it wasn't :-(

Made this little fella at sugar craft. Not completely happy. We had to keep up with tutor and rush it and I don't like working like that.

And just a touch of Autumn - the colour of the creeper is more vibrant than it looks here.
Above are heart shaped leaves on a tree that my sister bought us for out Ruby Wedding - sadly I don't think the tree is doing well.
Well that's all for now. I will visit as many as I can - those I follow, those who visit me and those ending with same number as me. x


  1. I agree about the quilting - its not my forte - I am not accurate enough but I enjoyed having a go. Your sugar craft is obviously one of your strengths!! Lovely. x Jo

  2. Hi Anne. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You look really busy and organised. Glad your class went went.
    Gillian #69

  3. The concentration on those faces says it all! Love your little dog! Chris102

  4. We think your sugar craft creation looks great, it's horrible to go to a class that feels rushed though. Your workshop looked fun and obviously went well with people re booking for the next one. Thanks for visiting the bears already

  5. You are so clever at what you do, Anne! The fact that all those ladies have rebooked is testament to that. Keep it up :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 7 xx

  6. Looks like a fun time. The garden is beautiful. Peg R 103

  7. Your classes look fabulous! Someone asked me to do some once... a stranger in Tesco's... she saw me pick up a crafty mag and followed me round and then asked, are you Lyn...Spyder Lyn? I said (thinking where, when and how could I do it) that I wasn't good enough or had the right 'things' ...bit scarry... I don't think anyone would turn up! so you are a brave and clever Anne! Happy WOYWW!
    ((Lyn)) #59

  8. Looks as if you had a great time too. Love the pictures. Hugs Rita xxx

  9. Have I wished you a Happy Ruby Anniversary in a prior comment? If not, then Happy Anniversary and many, many more, Anne!! The heart-shaped leaves look like they might be from a redbud tree. They are so beautiful, but they are very fragile. We lost ours after only five years and have read that they are susceptible to some disease and very hard to grow. Good luck with yours!

    All your crafts look great to me, including the quilt! It is a gift of love, more so since you aren't a quilter! And I'm not surprised that your workshop was a success and another one has been booked! Happy WOYWW to you and thank you for coming to visit me at the Playhouse! Have a wonderful week! Darnell #12

  10. I think the colors on the quilt are wonderful. It is wonderful to see such a variety of projects.

  11. Cheers for you and your successful class and future booking, your adorable cake, sewing, and lovely photos of the beautiful foliage around you, Anne! Now, I hope you are getting good rest amidst all the busyness :)
    Gracie xx

  12. Happy Belated WOYWW. How wonderful to be able to lead workshops. I have been to one SU workshop day and really enjoyed it - such lovely products. You are so busy with so many different projects. I have not been brave enough to tackle a quilt yet - but one day I will be! Ali x #49

  13. Lovely leaf pics. Beautiful prints you're using in the quilt. It'll be a great quilt! Kudos to you for tackling something new...quilt making! Hugs n Thanks for the earlier visit! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #9

  14. Glad the workshop went well, sounds/looks like great fun was had by all. The creeper it gorgeous. Thanks for the visit this week BJ#26

  15. Love all your pictures, and I would be very happy to have made a cake looking that good!Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #34 xx

  16. Your workshop looks great fun, and your quilt is looking lovely! Curtains are quite a pain to do as there's soooo much material in them! I've balked at making them for Mum and said she can get them made - the ceilings are so high in our new house!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment. We are gradually getting Mum settled in but it has not been easy. We love it here and I can't wait to get stuck in in my ARTHaven - but to do it with a clear conscience I've got to unpack a lot more boxes and organise the rest of the house first, not to mention cleaning up after the builders! Still lots of dust about.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #65

  17. Sorry I am late...I ran out of time yesterday. I am so glad that your workshop went well. Well done you for tackling the quilt...I struggle to sew the badges onto Alex's beavers uniform! The sugar craft dog is so cute! Thanks for sharing. Happy belated WOYWW. Caro x (#74)

  18. Wish I lived nearer for your workshops looks as though it went well for you and your clients. And the creeper is a gorgeous colour.. had to laugh at your comment about the sewing gene passed your Mum but what a good daughter you are to sew for her!
    Happy days


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