Sunday, 19 May 2013

Catching Up !!

Well I'm trying to. We have been away again visiting my eldest son and family. Actually looking after our grandsons for a week as their mummy was at work. She has started a new job and had to work full time for training and induction. She normally will do two days and they have that covered - most of time!! Had a lovely time with them all - the boys were very good really - only a little spoiling, bribery and corruption was needed by Grandma.
We had a lovely time. I managed some crafting- knitting and Sugar craft. The boys are at school in the day so we were free from about 9.15 to 3.00 each day. On the Wednesday we joined the boys for lunch at school. It was in aid of charity. It was actually a very enjoyable meal - you never know with school dinners :-) The tricky bit was sitting on the seats that are used for lunch time. There are tables with fixed seats. I know I'm not the smallest of ladies but it was very difficult lol
Carolynn my D.I.L. was very tired by the end of the week and said she wouldn't like to always work full time. However she said she did enjoy coming home to dinner cooked every night. :-) She was going to cook on Thursday evening but was so tired we ended up with a take a way - it was yummy and no complaints from us !!!
On Thursday after school we took the boys for a treat and went here Oil Can Cafe I love going here and in fact DH and I went there again on Saturday before we left for home as there was a Craft Fair there in aid of the village Pre School.

At the Oil Can Cafe

 Above Harry with the sweets he chose!!
 Likewise Sam
 Above - a view of some of the Classic Cars from where we were sitting.
 The sweet stall - traditional sweets.
 The oh so delish Luxury Hot Chocolate that the boys and I chose - very naughty but so very nice :-)
 The boys above by one of the cars they would like to buy when they grow up :-)

 There are a few 'shops' selling interesting bits and pieces.

 Boys will be boys!!!
 The view walking home ( the cafe is only a ten min walk from their house) and in fact this is the view behind their house.

 On our return home the lads wanted a game of football.

 Above two shots of the cricket ground where Harry plays cricket. It does look dark but was not quite as dark as it appears. I was in the Clubhouse (not shown here having a glass of wine!!!)

Meet my D.I.L. and son!! :-) They were showing us their outfits for a Fancy Dress party on Sat for the Eurovision Song Contest . I had to do a bit of work on the wig later and then the boys found it and were having great fun with it so my efforts were wasted :-)

Well I think I have gone on long enough - in fact is there anyone still reading? Will be back with another post re Stampin'Up! Regional training Event I attended and the swaps I made and got plus some other makes. Bye for now Anne x


  1. oh my gosh what a great time! You have some handsome grandsons!The view from you son and DIL ' house in beautiful!
    What is sugar crafting?

  2. Fabulous post Anne. Handsome Grandson too. Lovely pictures. Hugs Rita xx

  3. What a good G'ma you are, Anne! I was in charge of my 3 grand girlies last night long enough for their parents to go see the new Star Trek movie, and the youngest is teething so I was a bit anxious, but she just had a tiny fuss, thankfully. I can imagine your handsome grandsons keep life interesting :-) And your son and DIL are impressively royal! Love and hugs from Gracie

  4. Hi Anne . . . thanks for dropping by my blog today.

    Looks like you and your family have been having a great time!

    Sarn xxx

  5. I read every word and enjoyed it all. You are so lucky to get to spend so much time with your grands. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Your family is wonderful, I'm glad you'll have a great day. I'm glad because you had a good day. Great post. Kisses and hugs.


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