Monday, 4 March 2013

This and That

Hope you've all had a great weekend.
Last Thursday evening I took my fourth card making class - as in I was teaching it!! Everyone loved the cards and said they enjoyed it.
On Friday we looked after our granddaughters for a short time as their mummy had a hospital appointment. Sarah my DIL brought Phoebe round at 2.15 and then we went and collected Ella from school. When we got home they wanted to make a tent. So two kitchen chairs, a sheet and lots of other stuff they collected from around the house this is what my lounge looked like :-)

Can you see the little feet peeping out?

One of the sofas was their bed - apparently the tent was for daytime only :-)

On Sat morning I went to a card making class and learned a new technique - using bleach. Won't be able to go to many more - more of that later though.
Sat afternoon was spent helping my elderly Aunt.
Sunday was card making as had so much to do and had hoped to have time to sew but was just too tired later. I am having very little sleep just annoy sleep. Was knitting at 4 pm on Thursday morning!!!
Today is our eldest son's birthday - 37 where did the time go, it only seems like yesterday he was lying there in my arms. Today is also the Ruby Wedding Anniversary of some dear friends. Sadly she has been having treatment for a DVT and is also having stomach problems. Today she has had to have a scan. She could only sip water all day. So sad they had planned to be in Spain at this time. I hope she will be well enough for them to celebrate their second anniversary - yes that's right they got married twice. Here in March as his Mum was dying and then later in Denmark. I just sent some flowers - small red roses in a container as I didn't think she would want to be bothering to arrange flowers into vases.

It looked even nicer in real life.

Off to Sugar Craft class in the morning and am treating myself to a pedicure in the afternoon!! Be back soon. xx


  1. Lucky you to have your sweet granddaughters with you. Mine are 2000 miles away and it just breaks my heart. Your miniature rose is adorable! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Anne, I love the tent! I remember doing this in my granny's house - there wasn't a sheet left in the cupboard! But this is the sort of thing you can get away with at your granny's house! lol!

    Happy birthday to your son, I hope he had a lovely day, and sorry to hear about your friend, I'm sure she really appreciated your flowers.


  3. Thank you Sheena and Teresa for your lovely comments. Anne x


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