Thursday, 2 August 2012

Another busy day

nothing new there then. Started with my knitting group - love meeting with the ladies there. Came home and had some lunch and did a few chores. Put final touches to Sam's card - still not sure about it though. Then turned up some jeans though didn't do a very good job but I want to wear them tomorrow so I will have to live with till I get time to redo them. Put ingredients together for another cake and then went to see my DIL and granddaughters. After dinner made the cake and did som knitting. Phew!!! Just having a sit down now.

|Sam's card - he loves dogs especially Dalmations - has asked for a kennel for his toy dogs . I have used some mirri card and a bit of bling and glitter as he also loves shiny things.

My trusty (now quite old) sewing machine and said jeans.

Ingredients and tin all ready to go!!! I made a 12'' sponge and it looks good - will show you what it's going to be next week.Well I will if it works  :-) It's going in the freezer as I won't have time to bake during the next few days and I wanted to be sure it was done and ready for decorating. What have you been making?

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  1. You sure are busy! I think the card is perfect and I'm sure Sam will too! I look forward to seeing the cake all done.. you're a magician with that! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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