Sunday, 8 July 2012

Bits and pieces

I have had a fairly quiet weekend- taking it easy mostly. managed one or two chores and more sorting out of various things ( I am trying to declutter ,organise etc) I managed to go to cardmaking class ( as a leearner this time insted of teacher) and we made three cards - not designed by me but I have made these form designs we were given.

I enjoyed seeing all the ladies and one man again - it had been a while since I had attended.
Although I didn't feel too well last week ( still not completely ok) I went to Sugarcraft on Tuesday and some of us made these 'Little Pea Babies' - not quite sure what I would use this for but it was relaxing making it.

Whilst not well and also spending time watching Wimbledon I have been getting some of my knitting done.

I am making a cardigan for my GD and have started a little cardigan to give to a member of the knitting group I run who is to become a grandma this month. The pattern is such that you knit the back and then cast on for a sleeve then divide and work on right side then rejoin yarn and do left. Only the side seams and sleeve seams to sew no setting sleeves in - great.

Below is the bck, left side and one sleeve of cardigan for my granddaughter.

You can see back and part of the right arm of baby cardigan

So though not felt too chipper this week I feel I have managed to gently accomplish a few things. Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Anne x

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