Monday, 26 March 2012


for all the kind comments re mum and my cards. Glad to say Mum is now at my sister's recuperating. My youngest son took DH and me down to Somerset to see Mum yesterday. I think she thought she would be able to carry on with everything where she had left off. She has of course found out that she can't. She is still in pain and finding it difficult to move. She has a cough and gets breathless and her legs and ankles are swollen. Hopefully she will improve a little each day.

We have had some gorgeous weather and with it everything coming alive including a tree we thought had died that my sister and family had bought us for our Ruby wedding Anniversary.

Above the camelia in our back garden.

The star magnolia at the bottom of the drive.

Unfortunately the colour is not true on this. It is a vibrant orange colour but I'm but I'm not sure what it is called.

On Saturday morning I went to cardmaking class. The cards we made were designed by Linda.

Thanks for looking. Anne x


  1. Hi Anne. Pleased to hear your Mum is improving, little by little is the way. Super photos and I just love your cards! Di xx

  2. Came over from the playground but had to see how your mother was doing so here I am. Happy to hear she is out of the hospital and improving and glad you got to visit with her. I'm sure that did you and she a lot of good.
    BTW I LOVE all your cards both at the playground and here.

  3. Hi Anne, I hope that your Mum gets all better soon. We dealt with the loss of our 4 of our parents over the last many years and it's hard. Love your flowers and your cards! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. So glad your mum is feeling better, Anne. And your flowers and cards are lovely. Thanks for sharing. <3

  5. Hi Anne, glad your Mum is starting to recover, hopefully she'll be back to her best very soon. Some lovely cards there from class and your garden must be looking fab with all those blooms! x

  6. Thankyou for your lovely comments. Anne x


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